Eliad Wagner

EMP Bachelor programme lead

Eliad Wagner is a composer, sound artist, lecturer, and live electronic music performer. He holds a Bachelor degree in physics and a Masters in composition and music technology. Using the synthesizer as his main instrument, his music is often informed by the human natural relationship with technology and the way it manifests aesthetically.

Eliad’s activities explore the meeting point of composition and improvisation, while addressing thoughts on sound synthesis, music technology, autonomous processes, alternative scores and live performance. 

In 2012, he relocated to his current home Berlin. As well as being Catalyst’s Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor programme lead, Eliad is also an active member of the city’s lively contemporary music scene. His work has been published internationally by labels such as Metropolis Records, Digital Kranky, c.sides, Must Die, Wachsender Prozess, Avant Whatever and Concrete Plastic. Organisations that have presented Eliad’s work include STEIM, the Computer Music Journal, UDK Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, IFFR, TU Berlin, Ableton’s Loop summit and the Danish Royal Academy of Music.

More from Eliad: