Cem Oral

Tutor, Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering

Owner and Senior Engineer at Jammin Masters

Born as Finnish-Turkish Outernationalist, Cem has always been immersed in great musical diversity. He began his career working as an audio engineer in Frankfurt back in the early ‘80s. Years later, he began producing hip-hop and pop acts like BVSMP and George McCrae, as well as working with artists like The Mad Professor, Wu Tang Clan and Nine Inch Nails. Cem teaches critical listening and mastering on our Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering programme.

Since the inception of his own project Air Liquide, in 1991, he has produced and cooperated on more than 300 records and uncounted project. This group includes Holger Czukay from Can, FM Einheit from Einstuerzende Neubauten, Michael Rother from Kraftwerk, Mantronix and many more – a big chunk of the catalog is available at EMI/Harvest. Since 1993, Cem has been developing Jammin Masters: a high-end mastering facility based in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district.

Since he joined Catalyst in 2014, Cem has offered his mixing and mastering expertise to our students. He is currently teaching on the second-year Critical Listening & Mastering module.

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