Adi Kum

Music tech

Adi Kum may have co-founded Baby Satan Records, but at Catalyst she’s an angel, having joined our community in 2021 to support our students as a sound technician. She is a great believer in DIY and is always keen to share tips on creativity, self-management and the balance between both.

“I love the idea of being in an environment where new ideas can emerge,” she says. “We are always so influenced by the people around us and we influence each other's creations.”

Aside from running a label – which happens to represent her fellow Catalyst techs, Palm Squirrel bandmates Mathew Johnson and Jason Gold –  Adi has worked as a musician, DJ, promoter and digital distributor since moving to Berlin eight years ago. Under her moniker Dane Joe, she mostly creates dirty ambient and glam-trash-post-punk.

When she’s not immersed in sound, Adi is really into cooking, travelling, watching films and listening to stories about your pets.