Ergi Dosti

Film tech

Ergi is from Greece and started working with Catalyst in 2022.

As a film tech, he takes care of the equipment to make sure that it is all set when a student comes to pick it up. Friendly and approachable, he is more than happy to answer any question and to help around as needed.

Ergi was once a student at Catalyst (when it was called dBsBerlin). He studied Film Production. He gained experience in the industry when working in a video production company and doing freelance jobs. After having a positive and fulfilling student experience, he decided to come back to Catalyst. He wanted to rejoin the community that had spurred him on creatively and socially.

Outside Catalyst, find Ergi going for a stroll through urban environments or brainstorming his next project. One thing that Ergi finds engaging is the idea of unpredictability, how life can twist and turn in the most unexpected ways.