Dominga Ortuzar

Tutor, Film Production

Film producer with an interest in author-driven films and cutting edge content from the global south, Dominga's projects have been selected in Berlinale, San Sebastián, Locarno, Toronto, Tribeca, Torino Film lab, and many others. "I encourage my students to find their way as filmmakers in the film production process, originally solving the main issues that affect the film value chain, and understanding filmmaking always as a collective process" says Dominga, a collaborative approach we all value highly.

Dominga encourages her students to share their diversity through film, and cherishes the process of bringing out that diversity. One of the things that excites her the most in life is the metamorphosis in filmmaking, from the script to the screen. When not at Catalyst, we can find her in festivals and film markets, feeling the pulse for what is happening in cinema at any given moment. It is also a continuation of her life before Catalyst, when she worked as the Director of the National Network of Independent Cinemas in Chile,  the director of national programs of the Chilean Audiovisual Fund, General Manager of the film promotion agency CinemaChile. Through this work she traveling to every film market worldwide for many years.

Courses that Dominga tutors on: