Sebastian Matthias Weißbach

Short Course Lead, Screen Acting; Tutor, Acting

Sebastian is Catalyst’s self-proclaimed Swiss Army Knife. Sharp, practical and multi-skilled, he’s been on hand since 2017, helping our students to combat their inhibitions as a fight choreographer and to refine their script-writing technique in pitch panels. The actor, writer and director’s background in martial arts, flair for language and well-trained eye make him a valuable asset to our community.

“What I really excel at as a director is employing an eye for detail, which matters both behind and in front of the camera,” he reveals. “Only when everything is polished to a mirror sheen and everything comes together on a micro and macro level should we all move on to the next shot. That kind of atmosphere is a great mix of preparation and openness, because it’s part of the give-and-take relationship between everyone on set. That’s also how I see my role at Catalyst: helping students to find the small things that shape the bigger picture.”

In 2021, Sebastian decided to make his passion for Catalyst official, taking on the summer position of Screen Acting Short Course lead. “I help get the actors acquainted with camera techniques, approach roles, sharpen their senses and inhabit their characters,” he explains. Whether or not the sun is shining, you can be sure his talent will be lighting up our studios. 

“What really draws me back to Catalyst again and again is the motivation and talent in the student pool,” Sebastian says. “It’s so rewarding to teach a group of students that really want to learn and can bring their unique experiences from all over the world into the classroom.”

Before Catalyst, Sebastian studied at Berliner Schule für Schauspiel and Freie Universität Berlin, worked on several short films and had guest parts in features, on TV, and commercials. He also has experience as a presenter, and he’s part of the Platypus Theatre in Berlin. Behind the camera, he has worked as a freelance photographer and filmmaker for clients throughout the performing arts.

In addition to Sebastian’s first languages – he was born in Berlin to a German father and an English mother – he speaks some Dutch, French, Latin, and the tiniest bit of Gaelic. When he’s not at Catalyst, you’ll probably find him bouldering, taking photos or writing. Right now, he’s working with friends and colleagues on his long-term goal: an indie feature film. His favourite films? Dunkirk (Christopher Nolan), Black Swan (Darren Aronofsky), and Lucky Number Slevin (Paul MacGuigan). 

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