Signals Festival

/// Live Performances

We're excited to present these talented artists performing at Signals Festival 2022 performing live from the Funkhaus.

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Friday 28 performances

18:45 Dana Reason, AudeRrose & Renée T. Coulombe present Cinema's First Nasty Women

19:45 LAMIA presents Simulacra States

20:30 Roz Yuen presents Awakening

21:15 TEDTEDTED presents Katopia - a sonic fiction

22:00 Ireen Amnes

23:00 Frank & Geoff

00:00 Lyndon Lewis

Saturday 29 performances

18:00 Sofi Paez

18:45 ~models (Eliad Wagner & Benjamin Flesser) 

19:30 UHK Lab

20:15 Anna Coranic & Tasya present Lost Diary of Your (Alter) Ego

21:15 Monstera Black & alys(alys)alys

22:00 Kyoka presents New Music Syntax (in testing)

23:00 PERIGG

00:30 Catartsis B2B Ōtone

02:30 Lukr Range

Anna Coranic & Tasya

present Lost Diary of Your (Alter) Ego | AV live

Recordings, memories, visions, dreams and messages of you and me, them and it, the ego or the alter ego - we are lost in times where the world remains in pieces. What will remain after the world has burned out? What is real? AI reads a message in a bottle - Lost Diary of Your (Alter) Ego - which bears witness to the collapse and feels arctic glaciers melting. Oscillating between the "real" and "unreal". And then, there can be 'nothing'…

Prague based producer, DJ and singer Anna Coranić, joins forces with visual artist Tasya, a member of Lunchmeat crew to present their first mutual collaboration.

Anna has DJ'd in many clubs and festivals in Czech republic, Germany and Spain. She has shared the stage with artists such as Dasha Rush, Orphx, Blazej Malinowski, Stephanie Sykes, OAKE etc. She is part of the duo Lofn and brings an ethereal and drone-ish quality to her work.

Tasya is a Prague-based audiovisual artist who focuses on light design and video work - mainly for audiovisual performances and club environments. She is studying an MA in Time-Based Media of FUD UJEP, Usti nad Labem. As part of Lunchmeat Studio, she performs live AV sets with rlung at Lunchmeat Festival. She is also responsible for the curation of club programming at the off-programme of Queer Film Festival Mezipatra.

portraits of Tasya and Anna Coranic collaged

Dana Reason, AudeRrose & Renée T. Coulombe

present Cinema's First Nasty Women | AV live

A trio of internationally renowned composer/sound artists improvise live scores to historic early silent films by women. Drawn from the recently published Cinema's First Nasty Women, the performance features rarely-seen silent films about feminist protest, anarchic slapstick destruction and suggestive gender play along with adventurous improvised music and experimental sound art. Grammy-nominated composer-performer and pianist Dana Reason is joined by experimental musician Renée T. Coulombe and transmedia artist AudeRrose to improvise film scores as subversive and outrageous as cinema's first "nasty women."

Dana Reason is a Canadian-born composer, pianist, musicologist and music supervisor, working at the intersections of twenty-first century musical genres and interdisciplinary practices. Reason was part of The Space Between trio with the electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros; is documented on more than 18 recordings, and has been long-listed for GRAMMY awards in jazz, arranging and classical music composition.

AudeRrose is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Berlin, working with performance, photography, sound and live video.  Her imagery plays with narrative structures, developing dreamy and intimate universes, exploring various forms of interplay between body, images in motion, deconstructive narrations and self-mythology.

Renée T. Coulombe is a musician, scholar, and entrepreneur of considerable breadth. A composer of instrumental, electronic and acousmatic works, she is also an active improvising and experimental pianist and vocalist, a transmedia installation artist and performer, and an academic engaged at the intersections of critical theory, music and media.

Cinema's First Nasty Women
Black and white still of two women and a gramaphone

Frank & Geoff

DJ set

Although childhood best friends, their backstory doesn’t quite fit the industry blueprint. When Frank began working on building sites, Geoff moved up to Manchester to study Neuroscience. In the years that followed, both individuals decided to leave their previous vocations in pursuit of their shared passions. The collaborative project aims to hone in on the cross section between their musical tastes, for that reason it’s very focused. Heavily inspired by the virulent sub bass of UK sound system culture they join the dots between the sounds of the early parties FWD out delicate percussion and unconventional grooves of more modern iterations of the UK sound. Their long term goal is to bring a slice of UK pub culture to the slightly more serious dark rooms of Berlin.

DJ Frank and Geoff at a market

Ireen Amnes


Ireen Amnes is a producer, DJ and founder of the London arts collective and record label Under My Feet, known for its provocative exhibitions and showcases of power electronics and live experimental music. Rooted in industrial - noise and experimental, her live hardware and DJ sets are moody and unpredictable, often exploring different mixtures of intensity. Often defined by the combination of distorted aesthetics, melancholic drones and deconstructed rhythms, all of which are found in her most recent works – the collaborative EP ‘Unravelling’ alongside Kamikaze Space Programme, and her first full length LP ‘In The Land Of Silence’ on Sonic Groove Experiments. Her intense dynamism, nuance, and emotive power represent the expressions of a deeply complex and passionate artist.

Currently based in Berlin, Ireen began her journey as a singer and instrumentalist in metal and prog-rock projects before taking her signature style into the world of electronic music. Expect a live set which speaks to these origins as she brings her bass guitar. A big name on the flyer at any Berlin club, it’s hard to name a major European city Ireen hasn’t played in clubs or festivals. Recently featured on Crack Magazine and Hör.

Double exposure portrait of Ireen Amnes


presents New music syntax (in testing) | live

In partnership with Elektron, Kyoka will present the first version of her new live show New music syntax (in testing), composed around brain waves and performed with Elektron hardware. A revised version will be presented at Mutek Tokyo later in the year, giving the audience a look into Kyoka's creative process.

Kyoka is a performer and sound researcher, with music released on the iconic label Raster-Noton. She has performed live at Mutek in Montreal, Japan, Korea, and Spain, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, CTM in Berlin, Sonar in Tokyo, Volt Festival in Sweden, Plissken Festival in Greece. As a touring artist she has been invited to over 90 cities in 30 countries between 2012 and 2022.

Photography by Jordi Cervera

Blurry and stylised black and white photo of Kyoka


presents Simulacra States | AV live

Simulacra States - Live is an immersive live set of music performed alongside projections of 3D computer rendered portraits that explore disembodied identity curation through social media. The 3D clips warp physical and digital worlds and were made in collaboration with Nebraska-based computational artist Brian Hart. The project was funded by MusicBoard Berlin and can be seen here. During the performance, LAMIAs physical presence will be juxtaposed against the digital counterpart presented in the 3D videos.

LAMIA is a vocalist, producer and composer based between London and Berlin. She takes full ownership of her projects, and records, performs and produces her own material. She is currently completing a Masters of Music in Electronic Music Composition and Musicology at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she holds two scholarships. LAMIA is inspired by deconstructed club music and combines this with industrial sounds, rich vocals and cinematic soundscapes. Funded by a scholarship from MusicBoard Berlin in 2020, LAMIA's self-release of the SIMULACRA EP online in July 2021 received an excited reception from Jaguar’s Introducing Show on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and London’s electronic underground community such as Reprezent Radio. Respected cultural platforms including KALTBLUT Magazine also premiered her co-directed music video ‘Not Enough’, made with Berlin-based filmmaker Nickolas Menescal. LAMIA is currently in the process of creating her album at Goldsmiths Music Studios and is looking forward to releasing new musical material in the winter of 2022.

Photography by Willie Nash
Portrait of LAMIA

Lukr Range

DJ set

Techno DJ, Lukr will be playing a set shaped by broken beats and sound design. The performance will prominently feature experimental techno from around the world, particularly the sound coming out of Kampala - music released on NYEGE NYEGE and HAKUNA KULALA labels - interwoven with Neoperreo and Baile Funk from S. America. Lukr will experiment with anonymous voice recordings to lean into this year’s theme.

Lukr Range is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. She grew up in the Berlin nightlife scene, soaking up the diverse and wild performances that took place every week in the German capital. She then started to perform as a DJ in clubs such as Griessmuehle, :// about blank, Arena, Suicide, and Anomalie, dominating the floors with raw and aggressive beats. In the past years she had the opportunity to play outside the borders of Berlin at CELL200 in London, IFZ in Leipzig, Nowhere Festival in Barcelona, Detect Festival and Dom Technika in Poland, and more gigs in Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, and Sweden. In January 2020 Lukr Range, with the help of other co-founders, launched the first SØNDER event at Griessmuehle. For Lukr Range, being an artist means being in a constant state of mutation and exploration because approaching new musical genres and experiences is the most significant way to find inspiration and to bring the new-found creativity into her own music process.
Black and white side on portrait of Lukr Range

Lyndon Lewis

DJ set

Lyndon Lewis's DJ sets focus predominantly on UK club music, particularly styles which have been influenced by the arrival of Caribbean sound-systems in Britain in the middle of the 20th Century - Jungle, Drum & Bass, UK Garage, Grime and Dubstep to name but a few. He will also be incorporating complementary sounds such as Detroit Techno, New York House and Ghetto House from Chicago.

Lyndon Lewis is a producer and DJ from Manchester who is now based in Berlin. Lyndon is heavily influenced by the UK’s rich history of dance music, drawing inspiration from its many strains to produce a sound of his own that’s emotive and immersive, aiming to create a captivating experience for the listener when writing or performing. Since moving to Berlin, Lyndon has performed at venues such as ://about blank, Panke and Suicide Club. Lyndon also runs currently dormant club night and soon to be label, Trip the Light.



Eliad Wagner & Benjamin Flesser | live

Benjamin Flesser and Eliad Wagner use sonification of mathematical models as foundation for real time composition. Together they weave textures, rhythm, noise and tone into an exciting musical narrative and an immersive audio experience.

Benjamin Flesser is a composer and sound designer living in Berlin. His work questions authorship, control, translatability, and intentionality while maintaining a high level of metastability allowing his practice to fall in and out of these domains. In order to further enhance the cultural ambiguity of sonic phenomena, he refuses to inject symbolism, narration or verbalised poetry into sound, and instead seeks for possibilities for spontaneous reorganisation of systems.

Eliad Wagner is a classically trained musician, composer, performer, sound artist, and lecturer holding academic degrees in physics and music. His musical activities explore the meeting point of composition and performance while addressing thoughts on the vocabulary of electronic music, autonomous processes, intention and attention in audio culture, and people’s natural relationship with technology.

Two computer generated figures dance around stylised pillar

Monstera Black & alys(alys)alys


Monstera Black & alys (-alys) alys is a project where Afro-Italian singer Pnksand and electronic producer and DJ, Alys combine forces to create a weird world that can represent their human experience with irony and depth. They carve out space for themselves somewhere in the space between dark experimental beats and alternative R’n’B. In this space they are creating a unique sound: spoken word and lush melodies clash against glitchy, bass driven sounds. Experience the perfect curated you through the two performer’s alter ego - completely detached from who they truly are.

portraits of Monstera Black & alys(alys)alys collaged

Ōtone B2B Catartsis

DJ set

Ōtone and Catartsis explore, both in their collaborative and personal practices, a wide spectrum of electronic and electroacoustic music. Field recording and attentive listening is at the core of their creative process. Inspired by musique concrète and electroacoustic sonic manipulations, they combine and alter sounds from the real, from their surroundings and from found (mainly metallic) objects. Stemming from this approach, they engage in rhythmical and textural research to elaborate a (peculiar, acousmatic and almost tangible) percussive and club-oriented music.

Together they co-run the label ygam: a platform for experimental, percussive and tangible music.

Portrait of Ōtone and Catartsis holding a flamingo toy


DJ set

PERIGG is a Berlin-based DJ and producer originally from Brazil. Her strong and fresh selection draws from both established and new references rooted in a wide-ranging sonic catalogue, connecting worlds that previously might have seemed apart. Focusing on rhythmic structures, irreverent superpositions and exploring common grounds across genres, she brings in sampling and layering techniques, recontextualizing sounds and fixing the crowd in the uniqueness of a playful and potent now, building in every set a unique sweaty journey. Meshing it all with a vivid and inviting style, she compels the cells and bodies to move, inciting a full brain-body-crowd communion effect on the dance floor.
PERIGG performs at Signals Festival

Roz Yuen

presents Awakening | AV live

Roz Yuen will perform her avant-pop concept album, Awakening, written during the first year of the pandemic. Thematically, Yuen explores social, political, and personal upheaval; her songs reflect on issues from climate change to racism. Yuen’s live performance incorporates movement and opens up different perspectives and new ways to connect to her audience. Accompanying her on stage will be creative collaborator and synth player, Andrew Hockey, and cellist, Samaquias Lorta.

An Australian, Berlin-based avant-pop vocalist, composer, and producer, Roz's sound incorporates UK dubstep, trip hop, and avant-garde music. Her productions are a rich tapestry of ethereal and glitched vocals, honest lyrics, lush textures, and intricate beats. Soulfulness and emotional resonance are the heart of her work, her passion for exploration inspires listeners to embrace their individuality and authenticity. 

Photography by Gabriel Strobel

pink and green portrait of Roz Yuen

Sofi Paez


Sofi's performance looks to explore different atmospheres and moods, from calm pieces to rhythmic-like melodies. Using the piano as the main instrument, sometimes it will subtly intertwine electronic elements and synthesisers to create these different sonic atmospheres. Themes of grief, loneliness and love are explored in the lyrics that are sung in both Spanish and English. The audience will experience Sofi as her most authentic self, it is an ode to both self expression and the blend of the influences of classical and electronic music.

Sofi Paez is a pianist and singer-songwriter born in San José, Costa Rica. In March of 2022 she had her debut solo concert in Costa Rica as part of the Piano Day Celebration. Her own compositions are mostly piano focused, and fuelled by a need to discover new sounds inspired by the nature that surrounds her.  Her debut EP will be released later this year.

Sofi Paez playing the piano


presents Katopia - a sonic fiction | AV live

Katopia focuses on transforming a traumatic experience into a sonic fiction: through sound, it aims to design an imaginary virtual environment where the fiction entails a shared experience, like a common audiovisual hallucination. Stirred by the Beirut Port Explosion, an enthralling dramatisation of trauma is embodied in a trinity of warring humanoid machines, whose complexity is not computational but emotional. This realm is described neither as bliss nor despair, nor heaven or hell. It is simply other and characterised by the miraculous act of survival and, crucially, freedom. It is a below-place, it is Katopia.

Teddy Tawil, aka TEDTEDTED, is a Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist currently residing in Berlin. Initially a drummer, recent years have seen him expand his musical universe playing the piano and synths, and producing with software and electronics. These self-learned new skills have given him the ability to combine a complex sense of rhythm with a particular understanding of sound design, resulting in an intricate, soulful, and distinctive audio aesthetic. He is presently experimenting with wavetable, FM synthesis, and the concept of sonic fiction. Teddy’s first album CAMA was released with the Lebanese independent label Ruptured Music, his work has been presented at venues in Berlin such as Panke Culture, Arkaoda, Kulturhaus Kili as well as in clubs and cultural spaces in Beirut. He also co-wrote post-rock electronic group Kinematik’s two latest records.

TEDTEDTED stands infront of an SUV, the whole scene is lit in red and blue


AV live

UHK Lab, formed by Harry Ray and Ray Poon, will explore the relationship between musician and machine while performing ambient, noise, jazzy and alternative rock. Their performance, Naked Moon, walks the line of curation and non-curation - they will bring original visuals designed to meet the theme, while performing music in a human and intuitive way. 

Free form improvisation of electronic music taking inspiration from jazz structures and instruments - expect trumpets, keys and modulars to deliver “Improvisation by Feedback” paired with visualised soundscapes and a balance between logic and chaos. 

portraits of UHK Lab, Ray Poon and Harry Ray collaged

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