Signals Festival

/// Installations

Unique, site-specific and immersive audiovisual installations will be available to experience throughout the duration of Signals Festival 20212 - at our facilities in the Funkhaus.

All installations run on both days from 14:00 - 22:00.

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__>>D.Di5tanc3s_ P.P0rtaLZ777<<__

by Oliver Torr & Olbram Pavlicek

The ‘__>>D.Di5tanc3s_P.P0rtaLZ777<<__’ installation fuses two realities that are occurring at the same time into one. Two time zones, two normalities, juxtaposed across each other. A time warp hole is created for us to witness. The portal takes place as a physical object in space derived from an adjacent reality. It invites the observer to listen to two audio feeds. One is from Prague’s Petrohradska Kolektiv building, and the other from artist Dan Snazelle’s New York studio. Thus a time warp is created, in which the observer exists in their current reality. 

/// About the artists

Olbram Pavlicek is an artist, musician and graphic designer. He is a sound designer and singer for 93Eechoesandsirens and ((Scarypool)). Olbram graduated from bachelor study programme at Supermedia studio and graduated from master programme at Painting studio at AAAD(UMPRUM) in Prague.

Oliver Torr is an artist, musician and HYYYYPErSoniXxxxx_____B0dy<<<. He is a music producer involved in projects such as SARC, Black Tar Jesus, TraumaTorr and others. SHAPE platform alumni, member of the lore, and the newly formed O111L collective. In his work he concentrates on heavy sound design textures juxtaposed against harmonic structures with the use of vocal processing techniques. Graduate of the British & Irish Modern Music Institute in London. 

cropped face wearing yellow sunglasses and a cap

Gitti's Wake

by John Waldron

Gitti's Wake is an installation featuring a found box of 150 photos of a certain lady called Gitti. A rendition of an Irish Wake will bring Gitti's photos back to life... we may know nothing about Gitti, but this box of photos contains her proud legacy. The installation will air these photographs in the setting of an Irish wake; a stopped clock, a covered mirror, an open window, and more mobilier will all help the spirit fly away. The harpist has arrived, dressed in black and white, is it a ghost? Here is an old plate camera, quick, let us take the shot!

/// About the artist

Dublin adman, restaurateur and photographer, John Waldron moved to Berlin nine years ago and continued working as a photographer. John still works with film and when lucky enough, he picks up discarded photos and slides from the Berlin streets. In this manner, John discovered a box of photographs bearing the name of Gitti. This pre-digital collection of artefacts is the basis for John’s installation, as he grieves the passing of a medium.

a collection of old photographs of a smiling lady

Haze Shift

by Traum Eck (Tamas Marquetant & Sebastian Dürer)

Tamas Marquetant & Sebastian Dürer aka Traum Eck present Haze Shift (The Fog is coming to K3), an open ended, interactive installation (yes you can push a button) & meditation practice (you can also go idle) that displaces basic functions, roles and hierarchies within a recording studio environment via seemingly nonsensical routings of sound sourced from cycles of tuned haze and its diffusion feeding forward into each other or layers of artificial neurons over time.

The Fog Is Coming refers to images and videos that warn viewers of an ominous, assumedly dangerous fog is coming, sometimes offering a specific date of when and a location with GPS coordinates of where the fog is set to spread.  Some of these memes refer to the aesthetic of fog as a visual aid in video games to reduce the render distance and simultaneously adding to a sense of impending doom both visually and sonically.  Similarly to its use in video games the characteristics of haze/fog play a big role in establishing certain vibes on a dance floor. Haze Shift (The Fog is Coming to K3) asks and amplifies what the perfect curated you could sound like, after the vibe has shifted /the fog has lifted / over and over and over again. Haze in, > ^ haze out.

/// About the artists

Tamas Marquetant aka ateuqram is a sound artist, composer-performer, producer, field recordist and dj living in Berlin, Germany. 1/2 link biscuit, 1/3 of seaweed sonntags.

If you're not sure about something remember a piece of strawberry. No One Dies From Love // into physical experiences, hot gossips, the unclear, the poorly treated, the disturbing, the unwelcomed, tings haard, meaningless song texts, the real and the not yet identified. anything I can't be. 

Sebastian Dürer aka xxsd is a sound artist, producer and dj from Berlin, Germany. 1/2 of beachorphans and Co-founder of TOKONOMA, Kassel and trust issues, Berlin.

(possessing a heartbeat is never as simple as the heart's task of saying yes yes yes to the body).rar // into lissajous knots, recursivity & memes (from Sebastian’s dating profile)

digital collage with meme reference titled Haze Shift

Kamera control

by GhostRaum

Back in time, in the Funkhaus, the GDR is Broadcasting for all of East Germany. It was a time of controlled information and social spying. Are you being watched? Are you watching? Are we all being monitored? Thank god these times are far behind us…

/// About the artist

GhostRaum defines itself as a versatile artist collective engaged in various research fields, for the exploration of new visual languages and technologies. Installations and performances involve technical and sculptural characteristics, creating journeys or passages into “other worlds”. The technical approach often engages bending human perception to encounter a doorway, where one slides out of the known logic. 

tv screen and cameras from the 90s era

Perfect Boundaries

by Inphloxication, in collaboration with Bureau Klaus Alman

Inphloxication and Bureau Klaus Alman collaborate on a unique site-specific installation combining CGI and floral art: Boundaries and transition from real to virtual worlds: an opportunity to fulfil desires, define personalities and surroundings, or a protective shield to hide from unfiltered reality?

/// About the artist

While growing up in her grandmother’s garden, becoming intoxicated by flower’s beauty, Birte Homann developed a strong bond with the botanical world. Primarily based in Berlin, Inphloxication Floral Studios found a second home in Cologne, moving across different disciplines, creating floral design not only as decorative objects but as a unique form of expression, be it in set design, floral styling, art direction or installation work.

Photography by Johanna Marieo


Resonatorium: the point of no return

by Sascha Haus & Mizuki Ishikawa

We are permanently immersed in sound. The noises around us help define who we are and how we perceive the world around us. Our bodies are membranes filtering the outside phenomena of space. Therefore, our bodies and our minds not only perceive, but rather they become capacitors creating and influencing the environment through our involvement in the atmosphere. We are always involved with every space we are in. In constant feedback and resonance, we evolve new realities that want to be explored, fed back into our systems, and shared with others to stimulate their membranes – we communicate. In their collaboration Mizuki Ishikawa, Wei Kang Beh, and Sascha Haus will explore the relations between body and space using the sound installation 'RESONATORIUM'. The installation will serve as a foundation to explore their own artistic expression, working with their conceptual techniques while still searching for the unknown territories, creating a resonant feedback-machine.

/// About the artists

Sascha Haus works as a Sound & Interaction Designer for various industry clients whether in gaming, exhibitions, brand experiences, or automotive. He enjoys getting stuck into projects - whether vinyl digging or building a co-living project in Brandenburg.

Mizuki Ishikawa is a sound artist based in Berlin. In her improvisation performance, she experiments on the stage to create a sonic environment by making a feedback loop with her self-built electronics. She often works with materials that are found in our daily life, shifting it from a state of presence to a condition of existence. 

an immersive sound installation

The Sound of Digitalised Languages

by Parallel Processing

Parallel Processing (Alix Willhelm) is constantly trying to push the limits of audio manipulation, with the project The Sound of Digitalised Languages the focus is on languages from around the world, and their musical properties, like rhythm, tonality, and pace of speech. The artist has designed complex effect units that transform spoken language into sounds. The properties of each language will collaborate with the device to produce a piece of music, here called 'sound painting'. By speaking and interacting with the installation, your own language will be the music director of experimental pieces. You will also be able to hear the result from other languages than yours from pieces created by Alix.

/// About the artist

Alix comes from France and moved to Berlin 4 years ago after a couple of years traveling. Recently graduated from Catalyst, he now makes music and sound art under the alias Parallel Processing. He always tries to infuse his music with new ways of creating or modulating sounds. From movement-based controllers, to heavy audio processing, he can take you on an ambient journey into deep space or make your body shake with techno-infused downtempo grooves and broken rhythms. Find him performing around Berlin or visit one of his future installations.

Alix Wilhelm aka Parallel Processing, by Calen Dawkins

Vibrational Hyper-Stimulations

by Nina Pixel and Ground Tactics

Artists Nina Pixel and Ground Tactics collaborate for Ultra Heaven 999Hz to present installation “Vibrational Hyper-Stimulations”, reviving an ancestral form of sound hypnosis to induce altered states of consciousness and inspire self-exploration through sound. Sound and space will trigger audience member’s nervous systems and promote states of inner peace. The human body becomes a stage on which the concert is played.

Nina Pixel and Ground Tactics will be present to discuss the practice, how it is fully experienced and share the philosophical aspects of their relation to sound. A Sound Gate, a sound immersion space in which their compositions are playing transcendental sound guided meditation, is open for continuous immersion during the festival and a live performance by Nina Pixel and Ground Tactics. 

Sound is known as one of the most natural forms of healing known to humanity - you are invited to enter the magic space of reconnecting with yourself. 

/// About the artists

Nina Pixel is a conceptual sound artist, using field and voice recordings, tapping and cracking rhythms in never-ending journeys and emotional topography of unique landscapes - like an archaeologist of the human soul. Her music is a journey into the noisy rites and industrial myths strongly inspired by nature.

Ground Tactics is a multi-disciplinary artist who revives an inter-dimensional art form to enlighten one’s relation with themselves and with our vibrational universe, by inducing altered states of consciousness with multisensorial stimulations he offers the experience of self reflection through sound. Ground Tactics conducts a sociological exploration of how to facilitate transcendence and self transformation.

Ultraheaven Website
nina pixel in the sunlit woods

30 Elbows

by Rapogi K'Odingo and Teodora Georgijević

With this project Rapogi K’Odingo and Teodora Georgijević explore the subtleties of extremity within the limits of human endurance. Inspired by Marina Abramović’s challenges of the mind and body, Pina Bausch’s brutal minimalism and John Cage’s approach to composition, “30 elbows” tests all of its participants and demands their total presence for 15 minutes. Using the minuteness of the one-take and the intimacy of human breath, K’Odingo and Georgijević asked 15 participants to assume the plank position for the duration of the performance. The audio recording of the participants' breaths and movements was manipulated by K’Odingo in real-time, resulting in the final composition. The recorded performance was captured by three cameras under the direction of Georgijević, ensuing the 15 minute film accompanying the composition, thus creating the gesamtkunstwerk ‘’30 elbows’’.

/// About the artists

Rapogi K’Odingo and Teodora Georgijević are both musicians and part of the electronic trio LIAR. Besides producing and songwriting, they have written and made several short films and music videos for a number of artists. This project marks Rapogi and Teodora’s first joint array into performance art. By joining their practical and creative experience in organisation and production, they explore the interrelation between filmmaking, sound creation and performance art through the project ‘’30 elbows’’.

30 Elbows by Rapogi K'Odingo and Teodora Georgijević

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