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Open and in depth conversations on the trends, issues and challenges that creators face. Dialogues can be joined in person with a general admissions ticket for each day, or online via YouTube.

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What does a music community built on sustainable practice look like?

In collaboration with Music Pool Berlin

Friday 15th, 15:00

By looking into fields like touring, concert organisation, streaming and more, we ask ourselves how we can change our practices, both as individual musicians and as a broader music community and industry, to address the climate and environmental crisis. What do environmentally sustainable practices look like, and how can we strengthen local music communities while at the same time maintaining international exchange?

Join us online or in person at Signals Festival 2021 for a moderated panel discussion and conversation with you - the music community - as we look for meaningful ways to achieve a supportive, productive but sustainable future for the music industry.

/// Moderator
Tine Theurich
Tine runs a small communication agency called SUPERUNKNOWN, which is involved in the Green Touring Network and the climate initiative Music Declares Emergency. One day per week - the so-called climate Friday - she dedicates her time to projects that are committed to ecological sustainability. NOW is exactly the right time for change - with resoluteness and really good new ideas.

/// Panellists
Nathalie Candel
Dutch born and Liverpool-based live events and touring specialist, Nathalie Candel combines her passion for sustainability with her career in live music. Working at Future Yard she manages her local music venue’s Environmental Pledge and takes on the development and delivery of its Carbon Neutral Roadmap in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University. Most recently she has become a Freelance Event Manager for Julie's Bicycle, a pioneering charity that mobilises the arts and culture sectors to take action on the climate and ecological crisis.

DJ Coco Em
Coco Em is a DJ, music producer, and filmmaker from Kenya. ‘The hardest hustling DJ’ according to OkayAfrica, has played eclectic blends to crowds from Nuitsd’Afrique in Montreal to Trans-Musicales in France. When the world shut down, she translated that energy into her next creative leap; Sim Sima (incubated at Santuri EA), supporting femme producers, artists and sound engineers and running safe events that build stronger relationships with other music-oriented communities. Coco Em is also set to self-release her debut EP Kilumi later this year.

Fine Stammnitz
An independent sustainability consultant, founder of the Green Touring Network, founding member of Music Declares Emergency Germany, artist manager and co-founder of the band coaching program Zuendstoff Coaching. Since 2020, Fine has been focussing on activating the potential of the music industry to actively contribute to climate protection by consulting different actors in the music business and working with artists to create inspiring projects.

/// Music Pool Berlin
Music Pool Berlin is the central place to go for musicians and people working in the music business, living and working in Berlin. Their goal is to help each musician with tools and information to be better equipped to make a living in the current music business.

Signals 2021 Music Dialogue

Conspiracies, psychedelia and the virtual end-times

Saturday 16th, 17:00

Dive into the world of contemporary storytelling, where cybersex, conspiracies, psychedelia and digital viruses are all too real.

Join filmmakers Juan Daniel F. Molero and María Gisèle Royo as they discuss Juan Daniel's award winning film Videophilia, contemporary filmmaking practices and storytelling in our (apocalyptic?) times.

  • 'Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)' will be screened onsite at Signals Festival at 15:00, Saturday 16th.
  • Join onsite with a General Admission Saturday ticket
  • Join online on YouTube

/// About Juan Daniel
Juan Daniel Fernández Molero (Peru, 1987) is a filmmaker based in Quillabamba, Cuzco, since 2019. His films have been featured internationally at festivals like Rotterdam, FIDMarseille, New Horizons, Singapore IFF, FICValdivia, BAFICI, Mar del Plata, Filmadrid, Distrital, Kerala IFF, Films from the South, Flaherty NYC, La Habana, among many others. He is an alumnus and fellow for the selected educational programs of Berlinale Talents 2011, Buenos Aires Talents 2010, IFFR Trainee Project for Young Film Critics 2010, UnionDocs Collab 2011-2012, and the Bogota Audiovisual Market 2014, and also studied Film Directing at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires for almost two years before dropping out. Juan Daniel has won five national grants given by the Ministry of Culture of Peru for film distribution, script development and twice for best experimental film with the short films Sol quieto (2015) and re_making (2016).

/// About María Gisèle Royo
With multiple academic qualifications, scholarships and awards in filmmaking, Berlin-based Spanish filmmaker, María Gisèle Royo Barrera's documentary ‘Rediscovering Pape' was awarded a Student Academy Award (Oscars) and a College Student Award (Emmy). Her medium-length documentary, ‘Education without borders’, was presented at the European Parliament and in Geneva at the First Global Refugee Forum organised by UNHCR. Her latest documentary ‘La Invisible’ was premiered at the Directed by Women Spain festival, and will be shown in over 20 countries throughout the AECID network. She is co-founder of Jur Jur Productions, and along with producing, directing, editing multiple productions for various clients, she also made the video scene of ‘La Isla’, a contemporary opera that won Best Opera and Audience Awards at the YAMawards 2020. Maria also teaches on the Creative Production (Film) MA at Catalyst Berlin.

/// About 'Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)'

A teenage misfit spends her first days out of school slacking and experimenting with drugs and cybersex. She meets Junior online, he's an amateur porn dealer on a delusional journey regarding the Mayan Apocalypse and other conspiracy theories. Once they meet in the 'real world' unusual events start to unfold as bizarre characters appear in this contemporary non-love story that portrays a post-modern Lima, an internet glitchy virus, corruption, psychedelia and ancient ruins.

> Winner, Tiger Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015
> Winner, Grand Prix, Split International Festival of New Film 2015

Signals 2021 Film Dialogue

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