Push /// 2022

Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering

Welcome to Push 2022 - your guide to following our 3rd year Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering students final projects at Catalyst.

Our students have been working non-stop since September on intense personal projects which reflect the skills, growth, and interests they’ve developed while studying with us. These works don’t just reflect where our students have come from, but where they’re going. Look out for these names in the future as they push forward towards new venues, labels, laboratories, and galleries near you.

"Us Moves" A dialogue between sound & movements

By Alix Willhelm

18 & 19 March

In a one hour live set, the duo will perform electronic music on stage with complex sound design and singing, while leaving a lot of space for improvisations. Sounds will be modulated in real time through body movements.

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Filtered Through Memories

By Matias Santos

7 March

The project “Filtered Through Memories” is a 3 piece poetry and string quartet performance based on childhood memories and reflections of how it was growing up as a 2nd generation immigrant in Gothenburg.

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When The Soul Overflows

By Olívia Mamberti

"When The Soul Overflows" is an audiovisual dance project about freedom of self expression in contrast to our innate fear of change as human beings, all captured and told through music, body movement, poetry and dynamic visuals. 

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By Ivan Mendez

'Sankôra' is a conceptual art piece that attempts to demonstrate that the urge to draw closer to the creative force of life through music and cathartic musical expression is inherent to being human. It is inspired by a kaleidoscopic view of devotional worship music from around the world.

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Atlas Glaas "Numbers Station" (LIVE) short film

By Jacob Kristin

25 March

A short film to accompany the live performance of my latest ambient EP "Coming Up For Air"

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