Self Development & Leadership Course Testimonials

Feedback from our course graduates

"Innovative, creative, new, brilliant - a distillation of years of preparation" Fay A
"I am freer to speak. I'm bolder in putting forward ideas. I have more confidence in myself." Participant 2020

"Absolutely incredibly executed which went against my initial reservations for doing it online, blown away" Aimée LP

"Far more personally transformative than I had imagined" Hannah EJ

The course allowed me to have more efficient working relationships Alix W

"The course created a motivated framework that led me to shoot my biggest film yet, with less stress than making my smallest film. Thank you for giving me access! " Participant 2020

"I felt this course really lifted my potential to achieve both my career and artistic goals." Samaquias L

The sessions felt more relaxed and more manageable than expected. Tilly K

"The impact has been huge and even though the course is over, I feel as though I'm at the start of something" Rich MC

"Has helped me to have conversations with people that I either should have had years ago or has saved me from waiting even longer, I have gotten so much closer to all my important people through completing this course, has increased my confidence in my own abilities and in achieving my own goals both short term and longterm" Aimée LP

"The course has helped me to not feel as if my creative work is my identity which has therefore resulted in me feeling more free to create and experiment creatively!"

Wow! The course has massively impacted my personal life, it’s been truly transformational! Autumn LD

"I am no longer feeling the fear of judgement so much which in the past has held me back from making and sharing work. I still have times I fear judgement of my work but more and more I am able to discern into it and let it go." Participant 2020

"I feel grounded and able to take more thinking time over decision making" Charlotte M

"I have gained insight into what it takes to get other people on board and how to be authentic with others and myself" Participant 2020

"I've gotten better at managing personal relationships" Participant 2020

"Increased my productivity dramatically, has helped me to realise so many of my 'scary' goals and put them into reality." Aimée LP

"I have gained the courage and confidence to define what I aim to create in life and do so with authenticity." Participant 2020

"I feel freer to pursue creative endeavours without fear of overstepping my role, feeling out of my depth or inexperienced" Hannah EJ

"I don't love spending hours on Zoom but as a platform it works really well for creating a close-to classroom experience. I was able to feel connected to the participants and the leaders." Charlotte M

"I have found that this course above all has given me a raised consciousness and awareness of myself and my actions, whilst acting, at the time of actions (rather than later on in retrospect...)." Participant 2020

"Utterly life changing and I love that someone of my age (19) can get so much from this. Theres been no nonsense of 'you're too young, you don't have life experience yet, you won't get it' :)" Aimée LP

"The course has provided me with more confidence in myself around others" Adrian G

"I have less hang ups about making decisions. I have a greater freedom to make a choice and go with it." Participant 2020

"Every human being especially the ones who practice more their creativity should do it at least once" Simon O

"I have experienced a substantial impact on my work/creative life. The concepts delivered in this course have completely reshaped my perspective towards how I approach, react and take action in the variety of fields I am involved with." Participant 2020

"More focus. Less hesitation. More action. More kindness. More attention. More presence. More tranquility." Participant 2020

"The material throughout the course helped me immensely with some very difficult situations I was dealing with, many of which could have otherwise had a detrimental effect on my mental health if I wasn't practicing the concepts that were being imparted." Participant 2020

"The material has given me the ability to not be controlled by my emotions in stressful or difficult situations, which allows me to make clearer decisions to achieve the best possible outcome." Participant 2020

"There is less of an inner critic during the creative process as well as a new gentleness towards making mistakes." Participant 2020

"I no longer pay attention to the negative thought patterns that stopped me in the past." Participant 2020

"Being more authentic I get straight to the point what works for me and what doesn't." Participant 2020

"I have a greater relationship with every family member" René P

"I am more able to focus at work and to relax and enjoy the role of leadership." Participant 2020

"This experience has set the standard for me in terms of online learning." Samaquias L

"This course has shown me, with applying some fundamental principles how simple life can be to fully embrace it." Participant 2020

"I experienced a noticeable difference in the confidence I felt with my work(thus creative) projects/life." Sarah B

"I feel freer to step forward with my dreams and desires" Participant 2020

"I feel more ‘in relationship’ with the people I love and care about. I have a greater degree of clarity within myself." Participant 2020

"It freed me to be stronger in my decisions" Shanice T

"I feel calmer and more objective." Sylvia

"I am less starstruck by other humans." Participant 2020