Etikett Radio

Our student-run radio station

Etikett Radio is Catalyst’s student-run radio station. Whenever we’re sharing sounds, performances and discussions by the resident talents of our institute, Etikett Radio is the place to listen. Our platform reaches the ears and hearts of local and global communities, providing our student creators with a valued outlet in which to express, experiment and evolve.

Spanning everything from DJ mixes and improvised live performances to podcasts on such topics as music, film, the creative industries and politics, the Etikett Radio programme features over 25 shows. Our SoundCloud is a melting pot of trailblazing music and game-changing ideas from Catalyst’s students and tutors.

As of November 2023 Etikett Radio is currently on hiatus while we undergo re-development of the station. Although the site is still live, we're not broadcasting at the moment. We're looking forward to next years program launching in early 2024! See you then, for sounds from our community.


Former host, Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor alumnus Samaquias Lorta, on how Etikett Radio continues the artistic legacy of Funkhaus Berlin.

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Etikett Radio Selector | Samaquias Lorta YouTube

Continuing a legacy

The Funkhaus, one of Berlin’s most iconic buildings, was once home to the world’s largest radio station. It’s a legacy that our eclectic roster of student presenters don’t accept lightly. With every broadcast, they follow in the footsteps of the renowned artists who have recorded in our unique studios over the decades. 

“Upon first glance, the Funkhaus building reflects the raw history of growth and adversity that has given shape and soul to those that occupy its halls nowadays,” says former host, Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor alumnus Samaquias Lorta. "By creating Etikett Radio, we are following in the large footsteps of our predecessors, inspired to carry forward a legacy of artistry."


Eclectique x Etikett Radio w/ Sneaker Social Club

Appleblim B2B Low End Activist

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A taste of the industry

The ever-evolving Etikett Radio team gain real-world experience by hosting, curating and managing their own radio shows, live performances and collaboration opportunities. Working within a professional radio environment, they have the opportunity to hone in on any field of their choosing – be it radio station management, technical radio production, events, marketing, web development, and/or graphic design.

“No matter your interest or skill-level, there is a space for you to grow at Etikett Radio,” says Etikett Radio lead, music producer, DJ and digital artist Matt Migliazza. “We aim to cultivate the future and offer support in whichever field you wish to develop and flourish. There are no limits.”

Tools of the trade

The Etikett booth is armed with all the necessary equipment for our creators to broadcast anything, and in any way, they desire: XDJ 1000s, Technics 1210s and an Allen & Heath Xone:92 Mixer, as well as a podcasting station equipped with Shure SM7Bs.

Beyond the booth

Beyond the booth, Etikett Radio hosts a multitude of events, workshops, and club nights at some of Berlin’s most famous and underground venues, often collaborating with Berlin-based collectives such as Eclectique, Der Fliegende Teppich, Through My Speakers, Soliklub, Planet Reese and more. Our platform creates an organic bridge between the Catalyst community and the local creative arts scene, creating opportunities for up-and-coming artists to perform to new audiences and build a network.



Experimental Sound Design with Catalyst Music tutor Christopher Jarman, aka Kamikaze Space Programme

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Etikett Radio live stream workshop: Experimental Sound Design with Kamikaze Space Programme Christopher Jarman

From humble beginnings

Founded in 2014, Etikett Radio was established at Gubener Straße, the original location of Catalyst (formerly known as dBs Berlin). Back then, we went live just three days per week. Now, our students occupy the airwaves 24/7, broadcasting from Catalyst’s legendary Funkhaus location. 

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Press play above to listen to Volume Two, Catalyst's first multi-genre cassette compilation which celebrates our journey from dBs Berlin to Catalyst with a curated selection of the very best tracks by the musical talents catalysed at our school since the very beginning.

Get involved

If you have any questions about Etikett Radio or you would like to collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out to Matt.

Matt Migz from Etikett Radio at Catalyst Berlin during an Etikett Radio live event.