Watch this gripping short film created by our Summer Short Course students

This short film was written, directed and produced by Noah Aaron and starred Emma Aprile - students from our 2019 Summer School courses in Film Production and Screen Acting.

Imagine dropping everything to embark on a summer of self-discovery in Berlin. We know what you’re thinking: sounds pretty easy, actually. Well, add to that being a complete film production or screen acting newbie tasked with creating an entire short film in just six weeks*! Now that is pretty crazy. And yet, that is exactly what this year’s Summer School students achieved. Not only did they go home with a solid skill foundation and the contact details of their crew of collaborators, but an impressive new addition to their filmmaking portfolio. We’d take that over a beach holiday any day!

And when we said impressive, we really meant it. Our favourite Summer School 2019 production had to be Döppelganger, written, directed and produced by Noah Aaron. An insidious narrative combined with Emma Aprile’s captivating acting make for a super-gripping nine minutes. Like any great short, we’d love for it to carry on into a full feature film! Press play below.

*As of 2020, summer short courses are now four weeks long. As well as beginner courses in film production and screen acting, we now offer non-fiction courses in documentary filmmaking and journalism and documentary performance.

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