Watch These Videos to Discover Our Film Production Programme

Thinking about studying our action-packed filmmaking programme? From course structure to the student learning experience, find out more in these three short videos.

Want to throw yourself straight into the deep end of filmmaking? How does creating over 20 films in only your first year sound? How about discovering your creative strengths by working in every position of the film crew? Or collaborating with a diverse community of screen actors, visual effects artists and musicians? Our action-packed Film Production courses provide the hands-on experience you’ll need to get a foothold in the industry.

In our Higher Education Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor Degree programmes, you’ll develop sophisticated technical skills, storytelling prowess, and well-oiled teamwork abilities. All the while, you’ll learn how to leverage your audience and blaze your own trail with confidence.

Most importantly, you’ll understand the why behind everything you do, preparing you to pursue a rewarding and successful career in the industry.

Is the film set calling you? Learn more about the structure of our Film Production courses, the inspiring setting of our school, and what it feels like to be a student in the following videos.

Concerned about how the current health crisis may affect your application to Catalyst? Never fear: we’re offering a full money-back guarantee to cover all coronavirus eventualities. Check out our COVID-19 FAQ page here.

Curious about our Film Production programme?

Tutor Jon-Carlos Evans explains how our programme gives students the skills and opportunities to go on to work in any part of the industry.

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Studying Film Production at Catalyst

A pressure-cooker environment that celebrates learning. Programme lead Malachi Rempen tells us why Catalyst is a hive of creative and collaborative activity that mirrors the real-life filmmaking industry.

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Film Production students share their experience

Students Leonardo Greco, Masih Tajzai and Sheona Mateos share how our filmmaking programme has helped them to rapidly learn and find their creative strengths.

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