Sebastian Plano Performs Live at the Funkhaus For Studio Sessions

Sebastian Plano is a Grammy-nominated composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who has earnt international acclaim for his multilayered, classic-meets-electronic soundscapes. Watch him perform live at the Funkhaus for Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) Studio Sessions series.

Time for round 5! This edition of live performance being recorded and filmed by dBs Berlin students and staff, features Sebastian Plano. He came in to the Funkhaus and gave us quite a show.

Trained as a contemporary music composer and multi-instrumentalist, Sebastian Plano “embraces the modern world we live in.” We can certainly confirm this from what we saw with this first track. He is taking tapping on the body of his instrument to make percussive noise to a whole new level!

Studio Sessions

Directed, filmed and post-produced by our alumni/student filmmaking crew

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