We’ve Teamed up With studierendenWERK on Student Living Benefits

Catalyst Berlin student access to StudierendenWERK university services and benefits in Berlin, Germany

Budget-friendly food, accommodation assistance, access to workshops and creative spaces, and more! As of the 1st of April, we’re joining up with StudierendenWERK to give Catalyst students access to a wide range of extra living benefits and cultural opportunities.

We take care of the learning experience, studierendenWERK does the rest. To add even more value to the student experience at Catalyst, we’ve partnered with the governmental organisation for student affairs in Germany. studierendenWERK provides public services for the economic, social, medical and cultural support of students enrolled at German universities. In particular, they run university cafeterias and dormitories, and provide the BAföG program to finance studies with grants and loans (more details about funding here). These benefits – as well as a whole range of exciting training workshops, cultural opportunities, events and more – will be available to BA and MA students from the 1st of April, 2022.

You can find the full range of services on the studierendenWERK website. For updates, sign up to their newsletter. Scroll down for our overview of the benefits that we think will be most appreciated by our students.

Food trucks & canteens

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From Monday to Friday, food trucks drive to studierenWERK’s various halls of residence and canteens all over the city (interactive map here, or download the Apple or Google apps). They’re loaded with delicious meals (including vegan), cakes, drinks, snacks and coffee specialties. Payment is made using studierendenWERK’s MensaCard, which is the payment method in all of their facilities. Other payment options are available for guests (non-students). 

Access to locations for creative projects

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Students will have access to several Kulturwerk Berlin locations to use for creative projects, as well as being able to regularly visit events and exhibitions. Kulturwerk Berlin also offers a cultural programme with free events and low-cost workshops. Students are invited to create content and get on stage, as well as make connections through their Get Together programme. Stay up to date with Kulturwerk Berlin’s events by subscribing to their newsletter.

The KUNSTRAUM project offers additional spaces at various locations throughout the city. Students can express themselves artistically with exhibitions, installations, performances and media works. There’s also the opportunity to get involved in international artist residencies, explore virtual projects, and take KUNSTRAUM creative courses.

Training workshops & events

studierenWERK’s free training workshops offer students the opportunity to deepen existing knowledge, develop new skills and put them into practice, while advisory services provide useful tips on tax, labour law and social security for students. For those who have to work during their studies, training courses are also offered to provide additional qualifications and knowledge and improve chances on the job market. Further easing the transition from study to career, events cover practical topics such as employment law, tax return tips and correspondence training.

Student Accommodation

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Though the waiting list for studierenWERK’s affordable student housing can be lengthy, this is a potential option to consider for students who are enrolling in three-year Bachelor courses and wish to plan ahead. Here, you can also find a useful search tool for shared accommodation (WG) and sublets.


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studierendenWERK counsels on financing studies, studying with children, academic writing and mental health. The organisation is also supports studying with special needs.