Everything You Need to Know About Submitting a Late Application

Now that travel restrictions and quarantines are lifting, we can now plan ahead for the coming months! Find out about our extended application deadline and how we expect to operate come September.

On the speedway of our creative ambitions, there’s no stopping us. Yet, since Corona created an unexpected diversion on our route for 2020, many of us have had to take a little pitstop to reconfigure our plans.

For those of you wishing to enrol on your dream course at Catalyst this September, the uncertainty may have meant you missed our official 30th of June application deadline. However, now that global travel restrictions are lifting and the skies of the situation are beginning to clear, we can safely move forward at full speed.

Refuelled and ready to go? We have some amazing news: we have extended our final application deadline to the 24th of August! Based on the latest information, we are also expecting to be fully open in September with all classes taking place onsite.

Read on for more details on just how late you should apply. Plus, a message from Catalyst founder David Puttick on how our school will likely be operating come September.

How late can I apply?

For those of you who need a little more time to make a final decision, we have extended our deadline for degree courses starting in September to the 24th of August. Our official deadlines state that you may apply 14 days ahead of the start of any course, provided places are still available. However, given the current COVID-19 travel restrictions and requirements, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible and to take the following points into account.

Travel restrictions

If you are arriving from a risk area, please be advised that you might be required to quarantine for two weeks before attending your lessons! Find the list of risk areas here (updated on the 3rd of July). Only a select number of states in the USA are listed.

Country status 

Please check online frequently for updates on your country’s status. If your country is deemed a risk area and you are unable to change your travel plans to arrive early enough to quarantine, please get in touch with us. Our admissions team will be happy to help you find a solution. For example, deferring your place on the course to next year. Let us know your concerns – we want to support you!

Documents for travellers

Your Acceptance Letter and the Immatrikulationsbescheinigung can be used at the border if you need to provide evidence of your reason for travelling into Germany. Please have them printed and ready to present. Make sure to use the most recent version we’ve sent you with our Catalyst branding.

A message from our founder

Everything You Need to Know About Submitting a Late Application | Catalyst Berlin

Hi everyone,

As you can imagine we have been following the German government’s deliberations and announcements very closely to ensure we can put an optimum plan in place to deliver your courses in September.

Based on the latest information, the great news is that we are expecting to be fully open in September with all classes taking place onsite. A hygiene protocol will be in place to ensure our student community remains safe.

As you may be aware, primary and secondary schools in Germany went back in their final week of term in June without any distancing regulations in place and the current plan is for this to remain the case when they restart the new school year.

We are aware that some universities across Europe are planning to start their semesters in an online only format. Compared with most universities, our class sizes of 16 are extremely small – indeed they are smaller than the class sizes found in the majority of schools.

This puts us in a strong position to deliver our courses onsite in a way that keeps us all safe whilst complying with all regulations put in place by the German government and the Berlin Senate

At the same time we are also preparing alternative plans should there be any new stricter regulations put in place. The good news is that in all but the most extreme scenarios, these plans still include onsite attendance but with extra measures in place to ensure students and the team remain safe.

We will continue to revise our plan as new announcements are made. In the meantime the whole team is looking forward to welcoming you all in September and the luxury of real world interaction.

Enjoy your summer,


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