Filmmaker Jayden Bailey on his FEST 2020 selected film ‘Not Olives’

'Not Olives' short film by Catalyst Berlin Film Production student Jayden Bailey, selected FEST 2020

Third-year Film Production student Jayden Bailey talks about his short film ‘Not Olives,’ which was selected for Portugal’s FEST New Directors Film Festival in 2020. 

“Within two weeks of being gifted the olives, I had shot the film.” Sometimes life drops ideas into your lap without you having to lift a finger. For Film Production student Jayden Bailey, the creative serendipity started with the taste of an olive and ended in a witty short film starring said olives, which was subsequently selected for FEST 2020. What’s not to o-love?

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Not Olives was inspired by the real, on-screen, jar of olives that was gifted to me!” says Jayden, who is now in his final year of the Bachelor course. “I was down in the south of Germany for another film project and, following the shoot's wrap, we went to a friend's cocktail bar. I got to know the owner and I told him he had great olives, which he served with his drinks. Olives at this point were just a hated food of mine, but his olives were a sure winner! Then he surprised me and gave me a whole jar as a gift. As the conversations around me returned back to German, I was left daydreaming... this led me to a film idea, and then the very next day I told him I would make a film about a childish man being picky about a jar of olives. The childish character Thomas, went on to share the same name as the real 'non-childish' bar owner!” 

Screen Acting programme lead Adam Donald Ferreira and Samantha Lee-Kroll play two spatting roommates who set out for a jar of very special olives. Their relatable dynamic immediately sucks you into the narrative, which wraps humour, tension and surprise into a delectable four and a half minutes. Jayden’s storytelling is as moreish as said olives. That’s why we’re thrilled to hear that he’s planning on upping the game with his next film, which is currently in post-production. Scroll down to find out how you can get involved!

"Little did I know that this would start a chain of unrelated events that gave me many film opportunities."

“FEST 2020 was my first selected short film,” he continues. “I remember it being one of the highlights for me during the COVID lockdown of last year. I was unable to attend the Portugal film festival, which was a real shame, but that's when I decided on the next best thing. I'll direct and write an even better film and go again in the next edition. Little did I know that this would start a chain of unrelated events that gave me many film opportunities. Fast forward to now and my latest film is being edited. It's a story of three friends on a camping trip. The night takes a big turn when the fire starts to spit out memories of the past.” We can’t wait to see it.

Want to get involved in the post-production of the film – editing, music, colour etc.? Don’t be shy! Jayden invites you to contact him at