An Alternative Perspective of DJing With Sampology

Reflecting on Australia’s best audiovisual DJs, Sampology, who visited us for a Guest Session.

Who doesn’t love an extra-sensory, audiovisual DJ set? Well the young pioneer of performance many consider to be Australia’s best AVDJ arrived in Berlin recently and dropped in to give a guest lecture to our students.

His name is Sampology and he was inspiring to listen to! Equipped with his live set up – decks, mixer, laptop, projector and GoPro camera to record his movements, he presented what goes on behind a regular Sampology performance; which is considerably more than you’d imagine.

Drawing inspiration from popular culture and adding a twist of his sense of humour, Sampology spends most of his time editing the video content that marries together with the music he plays. He then tours his native land with a show that is both unique and compelling to the eyes and ears. After completing his tour, it’s then his mission to create another show, which takes him back to his video editing. So he really is a ‘Jack of All Trades’. He does admit, however, that fans look forward to seeing some clips repeat in his new shows, obviously leaving an impression.

For our students, Sampology managed to give them another perspective to what being a DJ means. I’m convinced that all of them left imagining how they can incorporate a visual aspect to their DJ sets to some degree. Thanks Sampology for your time and good luck with your career.

Sampology also tours abroad and has just finished a Canada/North America tour. He was in Berlin earlier in the year for a set at House Of Vans and plans to return. Check him out here: