Amplify Berlin Mentor Afriqua shares what catalyses his creativity

Amplify Berlin January mentor, producer, pianist and DJ Afriqua - interview at Catalyst Berlin

As part of our live-stream collaboration with residency programme Amplify Berlin, producer, pianist, DJ and January mentor Afriqua joined us live in Catalyst’s music studios for an interview.

You need only visit Afriqua’s Instagram to understand what fuels his silky production skills. They say that creativity is the natural extension of our enthusiasm, and the producer, pianist and DJ has as much of that as he has keys on his many instruments. Afriqua’s instinctive melodies merge with smile-inducing funky beats to create a deep and spacey sonic dream. 

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Afriqua’s Corona Cookin’ series of performances is a cherished example of his powerful mood-lifting abilities, proving that despite the circumstances, creativity conquers all. Amazingly, he channelled his isolation creations into a semi-eponymous new LP which brings the secrets of Black music to modern clubland – a marvel wherever your current dance floor may be. 

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“It is during times of uncertainty when great musicians create their best work,” reads the blurb of AFREEKWUH, “and it’s no surprise that these tracks are some of Afriqua’s most impactful to date. A nod to the sounds of Rick James and Nile Rodgers, tracks like ‘Legacy’ inject funk into whatever space they are played and caught the ear of Eli from Soul Clap Records. This music feels right at home with the label’s eclectic mix of electronic sounds and reminds us that a dancefloor can emerge anywhere when the right music permeates the air. With bomb after bomb, Afriqua made a name for himself. With AFREEKWUH, he wants you to know how to say it.”

Philippa Interviews Afriqua

We were thrilled to host the Amplify Berlin January mentor in our Funkhaus studios as part of our collaborative live-stream series with the residency programme. Fellow house artist and Electronic Music Production & Performance tutor Philippa McIntyre sat down with Afriqua to discuss his creative workflow, technical process and life as an artist. Scroll down to watch the full interview! After the session, we asked Afriqua what catalyses his creativity. Here’s what he told us:

“Nothing catalyzes my creativity like my time at the piano. I develop my musical ideas at the keys, and my practice is the foundation of everything I do as a musician.”

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