Cordele Glass

Student Wellbeing Champion

Meet Cordele Glass, hailing from the vibrant city of San Francisco, California, USA. He considers the Redwood Forest to be his home and since August 2023, Cordele has been an integral part of the Catalyst community, working as the Student Wellbeing Champion.

Cordele's diverse background includes studies in Positive Developmental Psychology, Percussion Performance, Experimental Electronic Sound Design, and Music Production. He joined Catalyst fuelled by a passion for assisting artists and creatives in realising their full potential through leading meaningful and deeply engaged lives. Known for his excellence in drumming, listening and the art of hammock lounging, Cordele's favourite part of his role at Catalyst is delving into what makes each student uniquely interesting.

Outside Catalyst, you'll find Cordele immersed in experimental sound design in their music studio or delivering captivating performances with an e-drum live set. The infinite fractalised scale of the creative process excites them the most in life. Guided by the motto "Be Here Now," Cordele's favourite piece of music is either "Stolen Moments" by Alicia Keys or the "Ganymede Station" by Frequent.

For Cordele, the most satisfying moments in life come from diving into an absurdly deep state of flow.