Selenay Kiray

Tutor, Music & Sound Design for Visual Media

Selenay Kiray is an artist whose work delves into the intricate interplay between various energy forms and their impact on machine behavior. Currently pursuing studies in Art and Media at Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK), Selenay holds a Master's degree in Sonic Arts from Istanbul Technical University, with a significant focus on electroacoustic music composition.

Selenay's Bachelor's degree is in International Relations from Istanbul Bilgi University. Investigating the concept of machine autonomy, her work offers insightful connections between energy sources and technological dynamics. Furthermore, she contributes as a student tutor for the Generative and Computational Art class at UdK, and she is part of the Design Research Lab Team at the Weizenbaum Institut für die vernetzte Gesellschaft (Networked Society) – Das Deutsche Internet-Institut / UdK . Selanay performs and produces under the alias "randomized issues".