Evelyn Saylor

Tutor, Electronic Music Production & Performance

Evelyn Saylor has made electronic music her craft. An adept composer, singer, keyboardist, and live electronics performer, she has turned her skills to freelance projects, concerts, modern dance and theatre productions, and teaching in arts and technical institutions across Germany. “I love composing electronic music and sharing my knowledge with others so that they can also discover their passion,” says the New Yorker, who joined Catalyst in 2021 to electrify even more bright minds.

On our Electronic Music Production & Performance course, Evelyn teaches Music & Culture, Composition & Arrangement, and Performance of Electronic Music. You might also occasionally find her teaching EMP tools and techniques. Her favourite part of her role is exploring and discovering together with the students: “I never stop learning.”

When Evelyn’s not at Catalyst, she’s in rehearsal for other projects, gardening on her balcony, knitting, singing – or doing both at the same time! One of the things that most excites her in life is travelling to a new place for the first time, especially when it’s for music and touring. Gregorio Allegri's ‘Miserere mei, Deus’, a Renaissance sacred work from the 1630s, is her favourite piece of music. Her biggest life tip: “You'd be surprised what one interaction can lead to years later. To some extent, these are the kinds of things you can't plan. Go with it.”