Nicole Ratjen

Screen Acting tutor

“I teach acting technique and physical theatre,” says Canadian Screen Acting tutor Nicole Ratjen. “The way I like to think about it is that I'm really just guiding and facilitating the individual research into the exploration of what makes us human. Unscientifically. Our human-ness.”

Before gracing our team in 2020, Nicole worked on theatrical productions and performed around the world. It’s no wonder she says she’s pretty excellent at packing a suitcase! Nicole is dedicated to growing the artistic community. “I love the creative process and explorations around it,” she reveals. “And I think Catalyst is the place where you can do just that together.” 

Nicole’s biggest piece of life advice is to live it! For her, that looks something like listening to a well-told story, laughing together with good people, or eating a tasty lunch on a sailboat waiting for whales to pass by.