Signals Festival 2021: Rewatch Our Music & Filmmaking Dialogues

Rewatch our music and filmmaking Dialogues, which live streamed from Signals Festival at Catalyst on Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th of October.

Are art and technology leading us towards a utopia or a dystopia? Our future-focused community roster of performers, installation artists, filmmakers, panellists and workshop leaders invited their audience to explore this fascinating topic with them on Friday 15th and Saturday the 16th of October at Signals Festival.

Scroll down to enjoy the Dialogues we live streamed from the event: our collaborative dialogue with Music Pool Berlin and our 'Videophilia' filmmaking dialogue.

Music Dialogue: Signals x Music Pool Berlin

What does a music community built on sustainable practice look like? Join our moderated panel discussion and conversation with you - the music community - as we look for meaningful ways to achieve a supportive and productive, but sustainable, future for the music industry.

Filmmaking Dialogue: Conspiracies, psychedelia and the virtual end-times

Dive into the world of contemporary storytelling, where cybersex, conspiracies, psychedelia and digital viruses are all too real. Join filmmakers Juan Daniel F. Molero and María Gisèle Royo as they discuss Juan Daniel's award winning film Videophilia, contemporary filmmaking practices and storytelling in our (apocalyptic?) times.