Sylvia Gozdek

Community & Admissions

Sylvia Gozdek’s superpower is recognising prospective students’ potential. While she’s a huge fan of comfy couches, at Catalyst, the Seattle native practically bounces off the walls as she moves between her various activities.

Often called an angel by students and team alike, you’ll find Sylvia answering application-related questions, cracking jokes, stacking snacks, taking observations and harvesting data – in that order. She believes that caring for those around you is one of the best ways to build community and good-vibes.

Before joining Catalyst in 2016, Sylvia trained in anthropology and completed her MA at the University of Warsaw. Her project linked universities responding to contemporary market forces with the motivations of students to study internationally. When we asked the question, “Why aren’t more women studying music production?” in an early Dialogues series, Sylvia was instantly smitten with our school. “I was like… RIGHT ON, great question!” she recalls.

When she’s not being Catalyst’s resident ray of sunshine, Sylvia is at home with her plants and her partner, being crafty or just watching TV. She is most excited by the variety in life. “I’ve lived in three countries, screamed in a rock band and cooed in a folk band, had 400 hairstyles, completed 10 lifetimes’ worth of introspection, and I don’t think I am even halfway done,” she smiles. 

Sylvia’s dream is to have a home in a sunny, beachy place that she can escape to in the winter. When she’s there, she’ll probably be reading her favourite book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard.

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