Ray Wassef

Film Production and Visual Effects tutor

If Ray Wassef had his own brand of chocolate, it would probably be called ‘Workaholic.’ The tagline: ‘For those who love to bite off more than they can chew.’ Working on (too many) creative projects, especially in series, brings the teacher and freelance video and music creator most satisfaction in life. “My goal is to stay adaptable,” he says “and to laugh at myself while I catch up.” 

Before joining Catalyst in 2020, as a post-production tutor to our Film Production and Visual Effects first years, the Australian taught at universities in Sydney, Hamburg and Berlin, simultaneously to working in the industry.

“What I enjoy most about my role,” Ray tells us, “is the back-and-forth between myself and students about our ways of working, our ways of thinking about our work, and those really exciting moments when one of us helps another see or understand something we didn't before.”

Ray’s top music recommendation: D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ album.