Michaela ‘Oim’ Schwarzenauer

Age-range: 16-28
Nationality: Austrian
Languages: German (native), Austrian German (native), English (fluent), Italian (basic)

Height: 168cm

Contact[email protected]



  • War Killed the Youth (2022), Political Movie, Short, Director: Viktorija Baltusyté, Role: Nina
  • A Place to Be (2022), Video Poem, Short, Director: Lior Klein Stern, Role: Laurie
  • My Imagery (2022), Music Video, Director: Mia-Maria Schanz, Role: Rebel
  • Juice (2021), Indie, Short, Director: Joey Monteiro, Role: Fay
  • Mave Made Campaign (2021), Advertisement, Director: Stephanie Pistel, Rol: Talent
  • Second Chance (2021), Action Movie, Director: Öykü Bargan, Role: Sister


  • Schwimmpro (2018-now), Improvisational Theatre, Team Leader: Wolfgang Klingler
  • Die Goldene Gans (2017-2019), Comedy, Director: Doris Plörer, Role: Princess
  • Logout (2015-2017), Dramedy, Director: Laura Hammerle, Role: Helena
  • Was soll das Theater? (2016), Comedy, Director: Doris Plörer, Role: Queen


  • Skiing (advanced)
  • Improvisation (advanced)
  • Air Rifle Shooting (advanced)
  • Climbing (intermediate)
  • Yoga (intermediate)
  • Painting (intermediate)
  • Inline Skating (basic)
  • Show Fighting (basic)
  • Horse Riding (basic)
  • Driver’s License: Car