Jamie Thomas

Education lead

To call Jamie Thomas our backbone would be an understatement. Jamie has shaped our school’s vision since the very beginning – all the way back in 2013. “I wanted to play a part in bringing the school to life!” he recalls. As our development architect, he oversees many of Catalyst’s core operations – including our company’s strategy and self-management structure. In short, he’s “pretty excellent at finding problems.” 

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What’s more, Jamie leads the learning experience circle, developing and validating our course programmes. He enjoys this role most of all, as he gets to collaborate with our course leads on exciting new approaches. Jamie’s sharp mind also sees him designing our timetables and developing Moodle, our online learning portal. His knack for divergent thinking couldn’t be more fitting to our institute’s creative, non-traditional approach.

It seems the Welshman has always been a multitasking master. Before joining Catalyst, Jamie worked as a university lecturer. With his Bachelor and Masters students, he developed contemporary, experimental music composition, and production and performance techniques. 

When he wasn’t lecturing, Jamie was either developing human computer interfaces for music performances and installations or producing and performing vocal-led electronic music. He still rocks at this today, although he sums it up very modestly as “working on sometimes silly and sometimes serious projects.” When he’s not nerding out on all things music and technology, you’ll find him getting stuck into Asian cooking.

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