Charlotte Denman

Ad campaign manager

Online marketing whizz, Jivamukti yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, music producer and pianist. Is there anything Charlotte can’t do? Hailing from London – and now happily living the seaside lifestyle in Brighton – Charlotte joined the Catalyst team as our ad campaign manager in 2019. She harnesses our social media platforms and search engines to widen the reach of our unique creative courses. Stumbled across Catalyst on Instagram? Chances are you have Charlotte to thank!

“I really enjoy building awareness of the school to bring new students here and grow the community,” she says. “We’ve also got great content to show off – amazing photos and videos of the hands-on courses and students in action – so lots of cool things to work with.” 

Charlotte has been running her own online marketing agency for around five years, and continues to do so alongside Catalyst. “I wanted to work for Catalyst because I’m passionate about music and love the community here,” Charlotte tells us. “It’s a great place to work – amazing location and people. Everyone is super passionate about what they do.” 

Once her online marketing agency has reached a place where it runs itself, Charlotte dreams of spending her days travelling the world, teaching yoga and making music!