Valerio Massucci

Summer School tutor & music tech

With over 10 years' experience in the industry, as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, Valerio Massucci has made a name for himself working throughout Europe and the UK. His numerous productions range from classical and baroque orchestras, to electronic driven post-rock. His credits include Benjamin Power (Fuck Buttons/Blanck Mass), Jorja Smith and the Orchestra Magnifica Parte De Sotto.

In the past, Valerio has also worked as a FOH sound engineer for some of the finest underground venues in Glasgow. Based in Berlin since 2016, Valerio is now the chief engineer and co-creator of Hypertone Studio. Hypertone is Valerio’s audio haven, where he works as an engineer and record producer. Alongside managing Hypertone studio, Valerio continues to work as a freelance audio engineer taking over various projects in studios and venues around the world.

A passion for DIY electronics led him to populate the racks of his control room by soldering his own outboard gear and FX.

More from Valerio:

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