Mathew Johnson

Facilities lead

Keep calm and let the sound engineer handle it. Whether or not our music production students are in a muddle with techniques or equipment, they can trust Mathew to raise their morale. “My job is to make the sound come out of your speakers,” says the Londoner – which, as many musicians know, is not always as simple as it sounds.

Mathew, who joined our tech team in 2017, loves to collaborate with other artists. Mathew brings a bushy-tailed brand of rock ‘n’ roll to Berlin’s music scene, as part of the noise rock band Palm Squirrel. “When I’m not at Catalyst, you can find me recording bands, producing music and hustling,” the frontman reveals. If you’re a fan of loud guitar feedback sounds, but allergic to the radio, Mathew’s your man. 

Mathew is of the mind that if you’re looking for success, progress should be your priority. His life tip: “keep finishing things and moving forward.”

More from Mathew

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