Heather Frasch

EMP & CAP tutor

Have you ever dreamt of building your own musical instrument? Music tutor Heather Frasch can certainly give you some tips. As well as building them, she also customises them for performances and installations, and uses them to create super-interesting and complex sound design. In fact, she hit the ground running as a freelance sound artist as soon as she arrived in Berlin in 2011.

Originally from Philadelphia, Heather is a bonafide globetrotter. She has worked at the University of Virginia, the University of California, Berkeley, l'IRCAM in Paris, and the Institüt für Musik und Akustik in Graz in Austria. 

Heather co-runs mumei publishing, a platform for online journals and monographs that concern text-sound perceptions. When she’s not working on music, she loves walking her dog, gardening and drinking coffee in the sunshine.