Alejandra Rios Ruiz

Music and Sound Design for Visual Media tutor

Alejandra Rios Ruiz is a sound designer for audiovisual media and sound artist born and bred in Mexico City. She has worked for many multidisciplinary projects, hybrids: in-between film and theatre, that have been supported and sponsored by the Mexican Department of Culture such as Better times Mujeres pájaro, crónicas de vuelo.

Alejandra also collaborated in creating the original music and sound design for an exhibition at Museo Jumex in Mexico City. One of the projects for which she made the original score was selected for a screening at the Morelia International Film Festival in Mexico. In 2022 she started working at an audio post production studio as a foley operator and editor. She moved to Berlin to pursue a masters degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at UdK (The University of Art). In the past few years, her work has been directed towards understanding sound and language, words and sound in embroidered poetry. She is interested in working with palimpsests, and the possibility of sonic and visual hypertexts as creators of new interwoven imaginaries. Her current research involves audio-reactive textiles for making audible needle work and emphasising the act of embroidering words, the unsaid, as an act of suturing, stitching wounds with words.