Music summer courses at Berlin's iconic Funkhaus

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Gear up for an inspirational summer of learning in the creative metropolis of Berlin. It’s a free-spirited, passionate, energetic heartthrob of a place that attracts artists and creatives from across the globe. Come and share the love.

For next summer we have a selection of focussed short music courses on offer at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, depending on your personal interest and experience.

Our courses are delivered in English to an international audience of like minded creatives. Last year our learning community had students from more than 70 different countries.

Summer programme 2023

Whether you’re deep into a specific electronic music genre, curious about sound exploration or obsessed with trying to achieve the perfectly balanced mix down; you’ll find new inspiration whilst developing a whole range of new skills in our intensive and specialised 4-week courses.

Electronic Music Production

Level: Beginners
Course length: 4 weeks

Our 4-week Electronic Music Production course is perfect for beginners and aspiring producers who want to learn the core principles of their craft and hone their skills to express their creative ideas!

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Advanced Sound Design

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Course length: 4 weeks

Our 4-week Advanced Sound Design course has been created with the artist/producer in mind. You know your way around a DAW, and already have a grasp of the fundamentals, but are interested in developing a new sonic identity or exploring new frontiers that will take your work to the next stage in its evolution. 

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Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Course length: 4 weeks

Designed and taught by Christopher Jarman from Kamikaze Space Programme, this 4-week Mixing and Mastering course is designed for electronic music producers who are seeking to advance their creative and technical approach to refining and finishing their creative work. You will need to be familiar with the production process, and will have some tracks ready to work on but your mixes might lack the depth, clarity and warmth found in a professionally released track. Engage with the tools, techniques and thinking behind a well balanced, professional finished product and apply your knowledge in both commercial and home studio environments.

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Studio Recording

Level: Beginners
Course length:
4 weeks

Our flagship 4-week Studio Recording beginners course has been designed for budding sound engineers eager to learn the fundamentals of recording and producing bands, soloists or electronic artists in a professional studio environment.

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Our beginner short courses are also designed for those students interested in brushing up on basics before starting our 1 or 3-year degree courses starting in September.

Students taking a 4-week courses in combination with a degree course receive a €500 discount on total tuition. Please specify that you will complete 2 courses on the application form or contact Admissions for further details.

Our Facilities

Get your hands on 31 recording and production studios with 2900 bookable items, digital and analogue synths, boutique modulars, analogue tape mixers, drum machines, microphones, mixing consoles, preamps, FX, field recorders, MIDI controllers, decks, CDJs, guitars, amplifiers, pedals, wireless systems and much much more.

A safe space to dream big

Our facilities are built with one thing in mind. Maximising ‘hands on’ access to DOING what you love.

Our courses are taught by a team of permanent tutors & visiting international music industry professionals and practicing artists with a genuine passion for passing on their specialist knowledge to others.

We highly recommend that you take the time to look into their creative work and professional experience so that you can also make the most of their time, knowledge and experience.

Stefan Knauthe

A true veteran of the scene: Stefan Knauthe has witnessed and contributed to Berlin's rise to the capital of electronic music, working with many of the city’s leading artists since arriving in 1988. The Ableton Certified Trainer is one of Catalyst’s original and most experienced educational professionals. He’s been using Ableton since the days of the flip phone! Stefan is also a modular synthesis fanatic: a regular workshop leader at the likes of Superbooth and Loop, and a composer and producer of ambient and experimental electronic soundscapes. Get ready to make new creative connections and come away wired with inspiration.

Philippa McIntyre

Want to get your listeners’ heads bobbing and feet tapping? Philippa McIntyre will take you deep into the joy of electronic music production, deep-house deep. Having been a staple of New Zealand’s scene for over 20 years, Philippa’s music has uplifted Berlin’s grooviest dance floors since 2013 – the same year she became a tutor at Catalyst. Combining her love of the house genre and its community with her knowledge of the industry, she launched her record label AT PEACE in 2020.

Charlie Baldwin

Charlie Baldwin’s artist name, Cocktail Party Effect, aptly represents the uncanny ear-tuning ability he applies to his chaos-moulding sound, which sees him regularly performing at venues such as Berghain and Hör Berlin and releasing on Pinch’s label Tectonic Recordings. His fluency in obscure analog equipment and dynamism in digital make him the perfect mentor for those aspiring to master production technology and go beyond into original artistry.

Laurence Osborne

Allow yourself to be infused by Laurence (Laurie) Osborne, aka Appleblim’s special attributes: innovation and collaboration. The UK dubstep legend behind the Skull Disco label has, for decades, been raising eyebrows with his bass-heavy club music – blending elements of techno, ambient, garage, jungle and more – and performances at the prestigious likes of Berghain, Fabric, and the Bunker. Laurie regularly collaborates with some of the biggest producers in the genre and his music has been remixed by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Torsten Pröfrock. 

Christopher Jarman

20 years of genre-straddling mastery: if anyone’s excellently equipped to get you into the nuts and bolts of electronic music, it’s Christopher Jarman – also known as Raiden, Dot Product and Kamikaze Space Programme. Over the course of his career, the musical shapeshifter has released over 150 vinyls and run two labels and a mixing and mastering company. He also regularly performs in many of the world’s most infamous venues, including Berghain. Trust Chris’ pro skills and infectious enthusiasm to unveil the potential of sonic expression.

Brian Greene

Who better to enthrall you in the art of recording? Brian Greene loves the view from both sides of the studio – which must be why he’s always smiling! Brian is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, lyricist and co-founder of the soulful boutique label and music collective Reset Industries. A long-term member of our teaching team, he’s also one of the masterminds behind our creative production programmes. 

Ciaran O’Shea

Record producer, composer, mixer and owner of WhiteWell Studios. Ciaran O’Shea is a self-described musical Swiss Army Knife. He’s worked with some of the biggest industry hitters in some of the world’s most prestigious studios, and has also diversified into TV, movies and video game soundtracks over the course of his lengthy career. Stellar technique is one major success factor, but it’s his shoot-for-the-moon attitude which you’ll be well placed to fuel up on. 

Valerio Massucci

Whether he’s in the studio or the underground, Valerio Massucci is passionate about empowering artists with the finest quality audio. His sound engineering career (recording and mixing and mastering) has seen him producing everything from classical and baroque orchestras to electronic driven post-rock. Recently, that culminated in the co-creation of his audio haven, professional audio service and performance platform Hypertone Studio.

The Catalyst method

Our belief that 'greatness is grown not born' powers everything we do. We provide you with a learning and self development process that allows you to build your best self and maximise your own unique greatness.

We believe that the best learning involves getting your hands on the gear and maximising the amount of time you spend ‘doing’. Learning through doing and collaboration with others is key to the Catalyst method.

Join us next summer and discover our creative community for yourself! If you have questions or are curious to learn more about our courses and campus, you are welcome to join any of our Virtual Open Day events and Taster Workshops taking place throughout the year.

Work hard, play hard

Once the learning day is done, grab a beer, a wood fired pizza and chill with newly made friends by the riverside. If you feel like spending more energy, go hire yourself a paddleboard and get out on the river.

Or dive back into the heart of Berlin and enjoy the Mediterranean feel street life with outdoor cafes, cheap dining, music, spätis, events, parties and much much more.

At the weekend grab yourself some culture at a million art galleries and museums then go take a dip in a beautiful lake. There's more than enough to feed every young soul!

Be in Berlin - with us

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