Paulina Greta

Visual Effects tutor

“I love to be part of a growing environment that values ideas and has a precise vision,” says Paulina, who joined our Visual Effects team in 2020. “I teach students how to investigate new creative tools and processes through coding practice and critical thinking. I have the challenge of guiding them through newborn technologies using a narrative lens.”

One of the things that excites Paulina the most in life is revealing new connections between things – that and dreaming up tales and imaginary characters. It’s this curious mind that makes her so fantastic at guiding our students to rethink technology in the function of space and time. According to Paulina, creating aesthetic experiences with new mediums is all about understanding their hidden dynamics.

Paulina started her career in interactive design and fashion installations. But when she moved to Berlin a few years ago, she switched her focus to immersive and virtual environments. Her works have been featured at international venues and multimedia festivals such as Atonal Berlin, Milan Design and Fashion Weeks, Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome), and festivals in the Netherlands, Chile and Russia. Her current practice spans installation, performance, film direction and augmented and virtual reality.