Nnenna Onuoha

M.A. Creative Production in Film and Film Production tutor

Nnenna's motto: "you can do anything, but you can’t do everything". So we're honoured she chose to teach on both the Masters and the Bachelors in our Film School

Originally from Ghana and Nigeria, Nnenna has worked as a researcher and moving-image artist - which has led to her work being exhibited at the Galerie im Turm, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Brücke Museum and Kunstverein Hamburg. She is currently completing a PhD in Media Anthropology and Global History at Harvard University and the University of Potsdam. With such an impressive CV in the Brandenburg area alone, it's no surprise that Nnenna has come to consider Berlin her home.

Nnenna started working for Catalyst in 2022/3, mainly teaching courses on the Film MA (including a module on Modern Cinematic Perspectives), but also some visiting sessions on the Film Production BA course, working with the theme “Films That Changed Us".