Matthieu Schmit

VFX, Digital Arts & Animation tutor

Matthieu Schmit is a creative producer and storyteller. With a background in screenwriting and directing, he combines his creative work with his passion for travel, adventure and human challenges.

His expertise in post-production and visual effects led him to collaborate with some of the greatest artists and directors of our time: Wim Wenders, Tadao Ando, David Lynch, Sebastião Salgado and Bruno Dumond. That’s not to mention various international productions with Marvel studios, HBO, Canal +, Warner Entertainment and more.

In 2016, he founded GhostRaum, a collective that meets on the intersection of performance, technology and storytelling to materialise exciting visual concepts and images.

The perfect match to our school’s creativity-first philosophy, Matthieu launched Catalyst’s Visual Effects course in 2018. His action-packed programme of visual trickery and moving magic spells explores fundamental questions about our perception of reality, imagination, ethics, and advancing technology. “At Catalyst, I want to open doors to the future,” he says, “because the truth is that magicians need to be up to date.”

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