Malachi Rempen

Film Production programme lead

Mal is an American-German filmmaker, writer and illustrator. He started making films at age 10 and never stopped! Mal’s thesis in film directing at Chapman University, California, won a Student Emmy, was shortlisted for the Student Oscars, and screened at film festivals across the globe. 

Soon, it would be Mal himself travelling the world (along with the characters in his popular Itchy Feet Comic!). He lived and worked as a film writer, director and producer in Mexico, France, Morocco, Italy and the Congo, before founding his own production company in Germany. He calls his style “Storybook Realism” -- “too real for fantasy, too odd to be real” -- and is obsessed with production value.

It was Mal’s passion for education that kick-started Catalyst’s film school in 2015. As well as spearheading our Film Production Certificate programme, he has been instrumental in designing our other film courses. His mission: to train the next generation of passionate, empathetic, and ambitious creatives.

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