Jason Gold

Film tech

“As a film technician, I help students learn their way around the film gear and how to use it in different ways to achieve creative solutions. I do what I can for the students and staff so that their projects and classes run smoothly.”

Los Angeles-born filmmaker and musician Jason Gold brought his expertise to the Catalyst community in 2018. “Filmmaking is fun,” he says, “but it’s a lot more than holding expensive equipment and taking pictures of yourself on set. I wanted to work at Catalyst to show people – in whatever ways I can from this desk – what kind of thinking, creativity, motivation, perseverance, etc. actually goes into creating a film. My favourite part of my role is showing students unique pieces of media that generate new ideas.”

Jason has been producing music videos, branded content and commercials since 2016, after earning a double Bachelor's degree in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Cinema & Media Studies from The University of Chicago. Indeed, the multitalented and witty creative is “pretty excellent at everything, including being humble.” Along with Catalyst music tech Mathew Johnson, Jason – a mean bass player – is part of the noise rock band Palm Squirrel. 

One of the things that excites Jason the most in life is never knowing what the next day may bring. When he’s not at Catalyst, you’ll find him making music at the studio, writing and reading scripts at home, cooking in the kitchen, or on his phone on set. As for all of us at Catalyst, having the freedom to properly express himself is paramount.

Jason isn’t so keen on superlatives. “The number one is ephemeral in my heart,” he offers. Still, we managed to squeeze out of him a few art pieces that are close to being favourites: “In art, James Turrell’s Dark Space; in music, Chopin’s Op. 28: No.15; in film: Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers tied with Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider.”

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